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New Domain

I’ve managed to get a proper site up and hosted and the continuation of this blog can be found at Advertisements

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twitter analysis of #davos @davos @wef @epn

Thought I’d see if there was anything being talked about in the run up to Davos this week – it’s still a couple of days to go, but there’s already a bit of a buzz going around with about 6500 … Continue reading

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#xfactor USA final predictions

Just a quick look this morning, and based on the pre-show traffic so make your own judgements as to how accurate it will be!

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#xfactor one down, two to go. The winner is… #littlemix

Well, encouraging news last night as Amelia left the building.  Who’s going to be left standing as the xfactor winner?

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*rattle rattle*

I’m not a gambler.  There, I said it.  I’ve been messing around a bit on betfair and the like with some spare cash, but I don’t have the plans and the strategies to bet successfully, even with the success rate … Continue reading

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Quick look before the show…

Just had a quick look before the show, and no significant changes since the previously published results.

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Just a quick update tonight: hero’s night

Starting to get so few here that I’m not sure the results will be meaningful anymore.  Far too much chance of error, and far too likely to be influenced by off twitter voting now.

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