Davos twitter Buzz. Day 2

Day two came and went and went and a few more big hitters came to say their piece to Davos.  Overall twitter traffic was up again with 52,905 tweets up to just past 8:15pm GMT today.

The main feature that stands out (and ignoring the individual spikes which are likely to be more website links) is the big bump around 10:30 am.  If we dig into a bit more detail we can see what this is about.

So I wonder who was speaking at about this time then?  If there was any kind of popularity contest between Paulo Coelho and Dave Cameron (and who hasn’t read The Alchemist) then this tells you who won.  Another person in there, but lost in the noise is Bill Gates who announced a $750m pledge to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.  Good effort Bill!

The most mentions were dominated by Mexican politics.   Enrique Peña Nieto (@epn) and supporters, as well as @felipecalderon.  First of the main speakers – @billgates, followed by the Huff, and Imran Khan.

Finally, who’s doing all the talking about Davos?


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