twitter analysis of #davos @davos @wef @epn

Thought I’d see if there was anything being talked about in the run up to Davos this week – it’s still a couple of days to go, but there’s already a bit of a buzz going around with about 6500 tweets since first thing this morning.

Traffic has been fairly consistent with around 600 tweets / hour during the day with roughly one third of those retweets.

Since it’s still the buildup to the main event, the traffic is fairly limited.  One thing I noticed when looking through some of the messages was “fransaya”.  This is the Turkish word for France and my guess is (not being fluent in Turkish) that this relates to the upcoming vote in the French senate (more details here).  Other than this, a lot of the usual words appear along with some that reflect the current times – “occupy”, “doomsayers”, “looming” and “elites”.

Anything else you want to see?  Most retweeted messages? sentiment around each of the world leaders?  Drop me a message on twitter @anlytk, in the comments or by email to

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