Dancing on Ice – predictions for the skate off #doi

Back again.

If you missed me during xfactor then I look at the traffic on twitter and based on that, the type of traffic and a few other things I make predictions as to the results of reality shows.  I’ll put up a more detailed post about what I actually do, but given it’s five minutes before the results show – here’s the good stuff

The graph shows the volume of positive and negative messages about each celeb.  Green is positive, red is negative.  The bigger the bar, the more traffic of that type.

Based on this and the judges scores, my prediction for tonights exit are Corey and Chemmy.

I’ll be running this each week (real life permitting) so keep coming back to see the results

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2 Responses to Dancing on Ice – predictions for the skate off #doi

  1. LorraineO24 says:

    I’m not sure negative reaction has much impact. Lac of positive comments & probably when you’re not being talked about much at all is more dangerous. Certainly valid in terms of Charlene’s skate off appearance.

  2. stewart says:

    are you going to have a look at celeb big brother this week

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