#xfactor final 4 eliminatation prediction

So it’s down to the wire tonight with no sing off tonight, so who’s going out?

But first a word from our sponsors.  If you’ve been following me through the series and like have liked what you’ve seen, feel free to drop by the contact page and drop me a few quid to say thanks.  Or just an email to say hi – I’d prefer the cash though if I’m honest 🙂

I think at this stage the twitter analysis is less and less useful as it’s becoming clear who the producers want in the final but there might still be some surprises in store.

From the traffic above and a bit of number crunching it’s close between Misha and Amelia as to who’s going to go.  Amelia actually has the lowest positive traffic (about 10% less than Misha), but using the same calculations as before the significant negative swing on Misha just pushes her to the bottom by my reckoning.  However, looking at betfair, the odds on Misha going are so bad, that I’d be tempted to put a bit on Amelia just in case of a surprise.

Anyway, enjoy the results show.  I’m off to nurse my remaining hangover and to plan how I’m going to spend the vast fortune that I’m going to pick up from those donations!


Just realised I picked up a lot of traffic for Marcus Canty in the results so I’ve re-analysed the data and the new graph is below

Actual prediction hasn’t changed, but Marcus is much further back with the rest of the pack and littlemix still out in front.

Sorry about that 😦

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