Just a quick update tonight: hero’s night

Starting to get so few here that I’m not sure the results will be meaningful anymore.  Far too much chance of error, and far too likely to be influenced by off twitter voting now.

I’ve called Janet to be in the bottom two six times in the last seven weeks and according to the results it’s no exception this week.

Looks like Misha (again) and Janet – for the first time.  Who would the judges pick from those two?  On past form the judges would probably pick Misha against Marcus (or even George Michael) himself, they’re that obsessed.  But after that attempt at killing me softly I think even they have to go with their conscience and get rid of her.

And the best (worst) of the rest?  Close between Amelia and Marcus on the stats, but Amelia just edges it to be the likely candidate.

For me?  I’m staying the hell out of the market from now on in as I’m just not convinced that twitter represents reality at this late stage.

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4 Responses to Just a quick update tonight: hero’s night

  1. Jake says:

    I may be being stupid, but i don’t understand the results sometimes. Misha has been trending for a while on twitter (UK trends) and is beating the likes of Little Mix etc. So I don’t understand how she is bottom of the popularity (even with good + bad combined) ?

  2. anlytk says:

    It’s a good question – because I can only filter a certain amount of the data that twitter provides, I might not pick up all the mentions of people that don’t talk about xfactor as well. I could change this but it adds a few problems, most notably that I won’t be able to compare the results well as I’d have collected different data sets. Also, nobody really knows how twitters trending algorithm works (apart from those on the inside) so the fact that an act is trending is interesting, but might be as much an indicator that no-one’s been talking about them previously.

  3. Jake says:

    Well you were right again tonight!

  4. Alastair Baird says:

    Spot on with the twitter prediction. Seems that Misha has free passage to the final as the judges simply won’t get rid of her. Janet was terrible on Saturday to be fair.

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