#xfactor week 7: final twitter update before the results show

So here’s the traffic up to 5pm today, should catch a lot of the catch up tv comments and also the reshowing on itv2.

Some change, not least because I spotted lilmix was trending last night and adding that to the analysis shows an even greater swing for little mix – in the words of the judges, they smashed it…

Broadly it looks the same as before, but looking at the more detailed numbers and a coule of my own calculations, Amelia has dropped into the bottom three below Janet, so the likely bottom three are now Craig, Misha and Amelia.

Just as an interesting aside, here’s the same stats, but including all the retweets.  I exclude them because it’s too easy for one person with lots of followers to skew the results too much.  Still, included for completeness and all that!


What does this show?  Apart from the numbers (just for you tpfkar :)) an even bigger swing for little mix and on the basis of this, with the same calculations, Janet drops back into the bottom three (mostly because of the increased negative chatter)

Still, I tend to only look at the results without the retweets.  Enjoy the show tonight!

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