#xfactor movie night. Breakdown

You know what I said a few weeks ago about not wanting Dermot’s job? After that entrance I changed my mind ūüôā

I do love the the way “movie night” song choices work. Choose song, find shockingly bad film it was once used in and call it a movie tune. ¬†Except Craig. That bond tune was shocking – so many good ones to choose from and you go for THAT?

Anyway, some interesting results from the traffic over the show – these results include all the previous results plus everything until 11pm. ¬†Little mix storming it this week, Marcus dropping back into the pack a bit and Amelia seeing a massive swing back to normality. ¬†Too close to call? ¬†I dunno – I think it still looks about the same as earlier in terms of who’s at risk but could go anywhere from here.

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