xfactor week 6: wtf?

So amelia’s back in – no surprises there.

Edit: to clarify, this is the data collected from the evening the return was announced until 3pm today

Have no idea what happened as not seen a tv since Friday. Here’s what twitter thinks… This is from just after the announcement that someone would be going back into the show, so that’s probably why Amelia is showing such a massive lead over everyone else.

Looks tough for Craig and Misha – guess we find out how much support they have from a non-tweeting audience tonight.

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4 Responses to xfactor week 6: wtf?

  1. jake says:

    Be interesting to see what the statistics are for just last night and today. Amelia would still have a massive lead obviously, but I have a feeling Marcus would be lower unfortunately. (Because of an awful song choice and therefore meh performance)

    • anlytk says:

      I thought about that, but my feeling was that most of the traffic before the show woul be about the four who were returning, so I don’t think it’ll skew it too much. Will have a look over the week.

  2. ric brackenbury says:

    hi, do you have the raw figures available? I’m trying to put together some trend models, and trying to read the figures off your graphs might not be the best approach! (email myusername@hotmail.com)


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