Updated xfactor results

So the updated results for weeks 2 – 5 on xfactor are after the jump.  I’ve had a look and the results are much more interesting.  By which I mean, they reflect the voting a little more accurately in my opinion…

First up is week 2, remember that far back?

It’s the week when Frankie ended up in the bottom 2, but was up against Nu Vibe, and we know how that went down…

Although from the chart above it looks as though Sami and Nu Vibe would be in the bottom 2, taking into account the negative as well as positive I ended up with Nu Vibe and Frankie in the bottom 2, with Johnny next in line.  Good start.

Week 3?  Sami vs Kitty in the bottom 2

So what did the analysis show?  Two from Sami, The Risk and Little Mix (Rythmix) in the bottom 2.  Not as good as the first week, but still picked the winner…

Week 4:  Fright night.

The massive barney about Misha B the previous week took its toll and it was her vs Sophie in the sing off.


So again I’m seeing the risk in the bottom three, along with Janet and Sophie.  So far, that’s three weeks and three that didn’t come back…

Week 5:  double eviction.

The week we finally lost the risk and Johnny.  If I continue with my “bet on one more than are in the sing off” then I would have predicted Johnny, The Risk, Frankie and Kitty – which was pretty much bang on…

So that’s it – pretty happy (understatement) with the results I’ve seen so far, but slightly concerned that with fewer acts it’ll get harder to get inferences from the twitter traffic. Maybe there is something to this twitter lark after all…

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3 Responses to Updated xfactor results

  1. I guess my theory about groups getting less attention was wrong then! Is it because they don’t have proper names that they weren’t being picked up? It looks like the week 3 graph has been posted twice instead of the week 4 one. The results look much more accurate now, nice one!

  2. anlytk says:

    good spot, fixed that so that the right image is up.

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