Xfactor week 5

I tell you what, I don’t fancy Dermot’s job much.  I mean sure, the pay is great, but having to deal with all that pantomime bitching from the judges every week would get on my wick.

Slightly different collection of results this week – started collecting before the show started and finished at about 4pm today (an hour ago) so I’ve collected roughly half the weekly traffic, and guaranteed no USA xfactor results in there to skew the info.   Results after the jump.

Results are starting to show a common theme.  Misha and Marcus are getting huge amount of positive support, Frankie getting more negative than positive and The Risk, Little Mix and Craig all showing significantly less traffic – although as mentioned before, this might be just a demographics thing.

Looking at the week by week shifts in sentiment, it’s easy to spot both Marcus and Misha below – you can also easily see the swing back to positive for Misha from a couple of weeks ago.

What’s also quite obvious is that Craig is picking up more and more positive traffic over the last couple of weeks, and Johnny has had a bad week this week.  All in line with the Judges comments, but interesting to see it represented in the traffic as well.

So what do these both tell us?  It looks like Frankie is likely to be in the bottom two again since there’s been no significant change from the last couple of weeks, Janet seems to be on a negative trend and Kitty continues to be a bit unpopular.  If Johnny makes it through this week and doesn’t get a good song choice next week, I wouldn’t fancy his chances much either.

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