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*rattle rattle*

I’m not a gambler.  There, I said it.  I’ve been messing around a bit on betfair and the like with some spare cash, but I don’t have the plans and the strategies to bet successfully, even with the success rate … Continue reading

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Quick look before the show…

Just had a quick look before the show, and no significant changes since the previously published results.

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Just a quick update tonight: hero’s night

Starting to get so few here that I’m not sure the results will be meaningful anymore.  Far too much chance of error, and far too likely to be influenced by off twitter voting now.

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What’s that? Analysis of #xfactorusa tonight? Happy Thanksgiving!

So I was asked if I could do a quick analysis of the #xfactorusa traffic and see what it shows, so here it is.  I need to add right here, I haven’t watched the show, I have no idea who … Continue reading

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Gotta love that off twitter voting.

Still, we’ll have to wait until after the whole series to see how off I was on Misha. Guess the sympathy vote does get you something 🙂

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random fact of the day

Twitter is hitting ~1000 per minute on xfactor 🙂

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#xfactor week 7: final twitter update before the results show

So here’s the traffic up to 5pm today, should catch a lot of the catch up tv comments and also the reshowing on itv2.

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