xfactor week 4: fright night

Good show on saturday, some pretty poor song choices though which might well have turned out to be critical in the end.

Kitty gets a pretty serious positive swing this week, and it’s generally much more positive than last week although Janet seemed to hit a bit of a bump with a lot more negative traffic than normal – personally I’ve never the praise for her. ¬†Frankie still getting all the hate and the risk are showing very little traffic – might have to check that there’s nothing wierd going on in the code.

Lowest positive sentiment were, in order, the risk, little mix, Sophie and Janet.

Hopefully usual timing will be resumed next week!

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One Response to xfactor week 4: fright night

  1. I don’t think the low figures for The Risk are wrong, or for Little Mix – there’s just less traffic for bands in general. For whatever reason they don’t stick in people’s minds as much, which is also why a band has never won X Factor. But clearly they get more votes than their tweets would suggest.

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