xfactor week 3: Rock week

A bit late today with the information, but here it is.

Broadly similar to previous, except for a fairly serious swing to the negative for Misha – I imagine that was caused by all the chat at the end of the show, and along with that Johnny seemed to go down well.  Sami’s swinging negative and also showing low votes, but I wonder if, as with Rythmix, her supporters aren’t on twitter.  Also, the risk are showing a drop in the size of their positive support as well.

Quite a few things going on this week that’s for sure – I think it’s likely to be Frankie and Sami with an outside chance of Rythmix and a long shot of The Risk.  We still don’t know how many votes Rythmix did / didn’t get last week so have no way to judge how much of their support comes from voters not on twitter.

Finally, I thought I’d show something else I’ve been thinking might be relevant – this is the change in the positive/negative ratio of comments on twitter for each of the acts.  It’s not obvious how to read it, but essentially the larger an area for a person, the more positive than negative tweets.

What’s obvious from here is that misha has had a massive negative swing this week, Johnny positive and Rythmix had a great swing last week, and have maintained it this week.  Kitty is slowly getting a more positive ratio, but only by tiny fractions each week.



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3 Responses to xfactor week 3: Rock week

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  2. Paul says:

    Can you show the actual figures of positive, nagative and neutral tweets like last week please?

  3. anlytk says:

    Sure, gimme two secs.

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