Xfactor Week 2: Love and Heartbreak

The first week of public evictions and if twitter is to be believed there are two clear losers.

Nu Vibe and Rythmix are both miles below everyone else in traffic stats on twitter, and if this correlates to the actual voting, then I think it’s clear who are going to be in the bottom two.

The other big surprise of the day – where did all the hate for Frankie come from?  Looks like something about his performance wasn’t great – the singing or the hair?  I’ll see if I can work it out later in the week.

Happy voting and betting!

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5 Responses to Xfactor Week 2: Love and Heartbreak

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  2. G says:

    Hi there
    This is v interesting. Good stuff.

    Can u say a word on what methodology you use please?

    And can u post raw numbers/data too?



    • anlytk says:

      I’ll put something up about how this works during the week. I’ll have a think about the raw numbers as well. I might make them available in something a bit more structured. What kind of numbers would you be interested in?

  3. mark adam says:

    hi, anlytk -i’d be interested in knowing the volume of tweets as you say Nu Vibe and Rhythmix had less traffic which the graph shows – it would be nice to know what kind of numbers though was it 100s , 1000s etc


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