Strictly broadway night

Big outfits, big showtunes and bruces chin are the story of last nights show.  Twitter is broadly following the same patter as last week, which doesn’t mean good news for Audley, Lulu or Dan given their poor scores from the judges.  Nancy is getting a lot of chatter, but a lot of it is negative so it’ll be interested to see how that translates into votes.  Rory didn’t pick up much support online, but his good score will probably save him from the drop.

At the front of the leaderboard, Chelsee seems to be miles out in front with her support, and then there is a following pack of Robbie, Harry, Jason and Russell.  Apart from Chelsee it seems to be all about the boys this year!

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One Response to Strictly broadway night

  1. Paul says:

    Would it be posiible to see the actual amount of positives and negatives for each of the dancers like you show for X factore please?

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