xfactor 1st week of live shows

So I didn’t realise that there were no public votes this week – bit of a schoolboy error, but collected the data from twitter anyway and here it is for your delight and delectation…

So from each of the four group I would have expected James to be out for sure (miles behind the other boys), a close call between Sami and Jonjo (with Jonjo edging the decision to go).  Again, close between Amelia and Misha B with Amelia going and finally, from all the chatter on twitter it looks like a toss up between Nu Vibe and The Risk to be going.  In fact, 2 shoes look like they were leading on the chatter so bit of a surprise that they went out.

Still, not bad for a first week.  Three out of four that got booted.  I’ll do what I can to get some predictions up before the results show next week (and after I’ve been to the bookies).

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