#xfactor tweets: judges houses

The link to the latest shows results is:  https://anlytk.wordpress.com/category/xfactor/

This is an update to the previous #xfactor post now I’ve sorted out the data I’ve collected 🙂

Following on from the strictly post yesterday, I’ve done the same analysis for #xfactor.  I was really only interested in the UK information, but since the same #tag is used for both then I’ve picked up the US information by default.  This was all collected on Sunday lunchtime, so doesn’t include the final results show on Sunday evening.

As you can see, nearly everyone is positive except Kitty and 2 Shoes – Kitty is clearly fighting against popular opinion here with more negative comments than positive, but 2 shoes are still struggling to get a huge amount of love themselves.  Still, at least people are talking about them which is more than can be said for Misha!

Oh, and scores on the doors for the judges as well.  Unsurprisingly, Gary the winner here, but it’s all pretty tight still.

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