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I’ve managed to get a proper site up and hosted and the continuation of this blog can be found at

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MWC buzz: There’s something about Samsung

Given samsung were so far out in front on the buzz chart I wanted to take a look at what everyone was saying about them.  I had a quick look and, well, take a look for yourself…

Get the picture?  During the week, the story about the Galaxy S3 not being presented at MWC broke and that dominated the traffic.  Stripping out the obvious words we get a more detailed look at what’s going on.

Pretty much what you’d expect – a lot of rumours, questions about launch (or not).  All the ooooooo you can see are just where wordle can’t handle foreign character sets – not people gasping in awe or anything.


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Mobile world congress build up buzz: T-minus 3 weeks

A few weeks to go until the mobile world congress 2012 in Barcelona and I thought I’d take a look at what people were looking forward to, and how much traffic there was around even this far ahead of the conference.

In the first week:

8078 different people sent 13321 tweets


Android was mentioned 10 times more than the iPhone



and Samsung smashed it out of the park in terms of anticipation…


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Davos twitter Buzz. Day 2

Day two came and went and went and a few more big hitters came to say their piece to Davos.  Overall twitter traffic was up again with 52,905 tweets up to just past 8:15pm GMT today.

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What twitter said about #Davos: Day 1

Who won Davos today?  By the looks of the stats, the only person people were talking about was Angela Merkel.

Total traffic has jumped from 6000 in the days leading up to Davos, to 40,902 by 8:15pm this evening.  Still significantly less than an episode of xfactor, but that’s the fickle nature of celebrity for you.  Traffic peaked at 215 tweets per minute at 09:47 this morning with a major sharing of this link from

All of the major spikes in traffic are caused by news stories being posted on websites.  At 01:24 the BBC story at gets its share, at 04:45 Mashable gets its turn. at 09:47 the first Brazilian story gets its next outing.  At 13:29 it’s the turn of R7, another Brazlilian site and then at 17:00 there are a few consecutive spikes on news articles discussing both Angela Merkel, and George Soros’ response as well as Paul Polmans statements on pensions.  What does this tell us?  Well, mostly that I need to filter out links to get to the heart of what people are saying about stories like these!

Overall, the days traffic was about Angela Merkel, although less obvious is what she actually spoke about.  The big topic of the day seems to be driven by the opening statements on capitalism, and whether it is fit for purpose in its current form.  The Eurozone and crisis are two words that almost go hand in hand today, and that’s as true on twitter as anywhere else.

One other thing that is clear, is that this is not something that’s watched only by the English speaking world.  Spanish and Portugese both feature heavily in the languages used.

And the hashtags?  Apart from #davos and #wef, the top hashtags were #wefbrainstorm, #merkel, #news, #business and #occupy.

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twitter analysis of #davos @davos @wef @epn

Thought I’d see if there was anything being talked about in the run up to Davos this week – it’s still a couple of days to go, but there’s already a bit of a buzz going around with about 6500 tweets since first thing this morning.

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Dancing on Ice – predictions for the skate off #doi

Back again.

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No more surprises #xfactor

Unless I’m totally wrong about Josh and missing a massive twitter stream about him it looks like the results I posted earlier still stand.  Someone could nail the songs completely, but on the back of the traffic it looks like Josh going home first.

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#xfactor USA final predictions

Just a quick look this morning, and based on the pre-show traffic so make your own judgements as to how accurate it will be!

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#xfactor one down, two to go. The winner is… #littlemix

Well, encouraging news last night as Amelia left the building.  Who’s going to be left standing as the xfactor winner?

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